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Straubridge & Clothier Catalogue
quenbolyn wrote in victorianera

ETA: It is Strawbridge & Clothier, not Straubridge. Because a life lived in Pennsylvania Dutch Country will make you see an "au" vowel combination in everything.

I came across this catalog some months ago at a yard sale, mixed in with a mess of crochet patterns and calligraphy books and assorted other things that I snatched up as if I had been turned loose at a chocolate buffet. I can't figure out exactly what year the catalog dates from - unfortunately, the cover was missing but the entire 80-something pages appear to be intact.

There was some wear on several pages, some stains, tears, folds, etc. that I am in the process of repairing manually and through the magic of photoshop. I'd like to put it all together into a .pdf when I'm finished, but I think that might take me the rest of the weekend, and that's if I really don't spend time on much else over the next few days.

The catalog starts off with women's clothing, then children's, men's clothing, accessories, and plus another twenty pages or so near the end for furniture and other household accessories (everything from Japanese mattings to wire potato mashers... I kid you not).

The prices are insane to read, by today's standards. I think it really drives home all of those stories that our parents and grandparents would tell us about the price of a cup of coffee and a loaf of bread and how much they spent on their first car (like... $1.50 for a corset. $1.50. It... boggles the mind. (I know, I know. Inflation. Cost of living. Etc. But still.)

If anyone can clue me in to the exact year, I'd be thrilled. I'm going to try and do some research this afternoon and see if I can figure out when it came from, but even if I can't, it's still an amazing thing to search through.

Oh, the beauty of a pasted on head!

I want those petticoats, I want them in a pile, and I want to swim in them like Scrooge McDuck in a swimming pool full of gold coins.

Well, the fact that I paid only about $40 for my last coat means that these really are some pricey duds.

And the hats! (Yes, there is an entire section of hats a few more pages into the catalog, but those are pages that I still need to repair.)

Again, my weekend project is to get this all together, cleaned up, and into a .pdf format so that I have a copy to keep before my paper copy completely disintegrates on me (which it is doing... rapidly). I'll let you know about my progress!

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I need to finish restoring the pictures of the children's clothing, because they look exactly like the antique paper dolls that girls used to play with!

Ohhh I hope you post them.. I love children's clothing. Such detail in them :)

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