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The Grand Closet SALE
Plucking the Rose
artemispanic wrote in victorianera
The 'Grand Closet Sale' of the last of the 'Goth' stuff from my closet has now been put up on to the VG website. Many bargains to be had from 50p! A link on the homepage of the website takes you to the sales. Postage is llisted for the UK, but please message me via contact if you live outside of the UK for postage. A new era for me with many changes, all for the good I hope!

Also a Victorian prayer desk and a mourning brooch and some VG things in the usual SALE section of the website. A link on the homepage or through LADIES-SALE, GENTLEMEN-SALE

The Victorian Gothic prayer desk is also listed on ebay at

Thank you for your time.

Happy New Year


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