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I am deciding to moderate all entries.  I don't like doing this because I tend to enjoy instant gratifaction when I post to other journals and think others also like that.  But no, we can't now because some Russian dingus is posting nude photos of girls.  So, that freedom is taken away. 
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I had this Regency Ballgown made for a large Napoleonic event in Maryland years ago, which was supposed to be a cotton day dress made in my measurements, but was sent this dress by a UK costumer as a mistake. I honestly don't know where I can advertise the sale of it, it's my eBay auction listing, and I will have one or two more Regency War of 1812 Reenactment pieces for sale (most are gone already) under that eBay username in the near future.
I hope this is ok, if not, please forgive the posting,

Have this absolutely amazing dress up for auction, completely forgot to mention it on LJ till today.
Above link takes you to eBay auction listing.

Listing ends in about 4 hours. OOAK Regency Ballgown or Bridal Gown. Size is fairly open, L-XXL.
Normally a custom made dress of this period with this much detail and fabric would run $300-$400, but the seamstress goofed the measurements and sold it to me with several small barely visible snags and one or two dot sized marks that need to be soap & watered-off... I've never worn the dress because the mistake in measurements, so it's brand new, and would be perfect for period events involving weekends outdoors, camping, or travel, as it's not a dress you have to worry about ruining. It's a pretty sturdy design, incredibly easy to wash, and as long as the beads are treated kindly, should have a very long life in it! The high gloss and the movement of the dress conceal most flaws, however, if you need something absolutely flawless, please don't bid. With a Spencer Jacket and sash, most flaws vanish.


(Dress colour is a deep glossy white, not yellow in any way - some photos have off lighting).
The dress would also be perfect as a bridal gown. Please please please check the measurements and read about the tiny flaws before bidding. This is not a perfect, flawless gown, as stated above, it would be in the hundreds, if so! Flaws are all mostly invisible except for lower front as seen in photos.
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Snags:two in front of fabric(one near empire seam, one lower portion), one on arm, one in back on left side, and a couple almost invisible little places where a dot sized pull exists. One bead in back is still on threading but needs to be reattached to collar.
Above link takes you to eBay.

Royal Weddings

Although I am not a big wedding person, this book was delightful.  The focus is not exclusively Victorian, but the influence of their marriage customs is felt throughout, and the images are marvellous.

(may be purchased here : )

Royal Weddings – Emily Brand


“A monarchy whose authority lies in its antiquity cannot be disentangled from the traditions that it inherits. The rituals and symbols springing from allegories of love, political gesture or simple personal preference have become traditions that have passed down the generations.”


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Victorians and Edwardians on the Move

This weather is making me want to get away :

You find your armchair travel here :

The Victorians and Edwardians on the Move – John Hannavy


“When the railways were introduced, scare stories suggested that traveling to fast in trains would cause breathing difficulties – a speed of 30 mph was even suggested as the maximum the human frame could withstand!”



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Plucking the Rose

The Grand Closet SALE

The 'Grand Closet Sale' of the last of the 'Goth' stuff from my closet has now been put up on to the VG website. Many bargains to be had from 50p! A link on the homepage of the website takes you to the sales. Postage is llisted for the UK, but please message me via contact if you live outside of the UK for postage. A new era for me with many changes, all for the good I hope!

Also a Victorian prayer desk and a mourning brooch and some VG things in the usual SALE section of the website. A link on the homepage or through LADIES-SALE, GENTLEMEN-SALE

The Victorian Gothic prayer desk is also listed on ebay at

Thank you for your time.

Happy New Year
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Christmas Customs and Folklore

I have been trying to renew my fondness for Christmas by learning more about its history.  This book - and one about the history of fake Christmas trees - have been the two most interesting and entertaining.

(found here - )

Discovering Christmas Folklore and Traditions – Margaret Baker

 “The Church realized that it could never suppress immemorial pagan customs…even after two thousand years seams in the patchwork still show.”

         Wonderfully illustrated with 19th Century woodcuts and 20th Century photographs, and divided into chapters with names like “The Christmas Feast,” and “Games and Amusements,” Baker’s tiny volume is a perfect starter for anyone wanting to bring a touch of history to their celebration.

         Unlike most Shire titles, Discovering Christmas has a more international, or at least European, flavor, rather than strictly British. But since many British and US holiday customs come from the continent – particularly Germany during the Victorian period – this is not so surprising.

         As with so many parts of Victorian life, Christmas could be as morbid as it was splendid.


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Great Exhibitions

One of the things that made the Victorian era what is was were the exhibitions that stirred the imagination of the public.  There is an excellent new book on them :

Can be purchased here :



“On 1 May, over half a million people crowded into Hyde Park, London, as Queen Victoria drove by in a carriage to the recently erected Crystal Palace…The Great Exhibition, said Benjamin Disraeli, leader of the Protectionist Wing of the Conservative Party, was ‘a godsend to the Government…diverting public attention from their blunders.’”


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The Victorian Public School

(can be purchased here : )



            “Some people…find it confusing that the most exclusive private schools should be described as public.”

             While many of the great public schools date back centuries (King’s School Canterbury is older than England itself), their existence as we recognize it date to the Clarendon School Commission of 1864, prior to which they were charitable institutions. Primarily started to give a free education to boys in their communities, in some cases they gained such a reputation, usually due to certain masters, wealthy families we allowed to pay to send their sons to these schools.


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