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The Victorian Public School

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            “Some people…find it confusing that the most exclusive private schools should be described as public.”

             While many of the great public schools date back centuries (King’s School Canterbury is older than England itself), their existence as we recognize it date to the Clarendon School Commission of 1864, prior to which they were charitable institutions. Primarily started to give a free education to boys in their communities, in some cases they gained such a reputation, usually due to certain masters, wealthy families we allowed to pay to send their sons to these schools.


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From the NYT today
People who read too much!
The Victorian Version of Craigslist

Steampunk house
cat in dress
Hi, everyone!

First post here, hope it's allowed--if not, please let me know ;)

Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum from Massachusetts have spent two years renovating a Victorian era house.  They have redone it in steampunk style.  Pictures are here:

Hello !!!
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First time posting here, hope you enjoy this !!. I live near Liverpool in the United Kingdom and it brimming with Victorian archeiture. I thought i would share some pictures i took today of the famous town hall and a fine statute of Queen Victoria herself. I coudl swear her eyes were boring holes into me !!! Anyway on with the pictures !!

1. Liverpool Liver Building

2. A Little Closer

3.  Closer Still !

4. All Hail Queen Victoria !!

5. Meeting Queen Victoria !

6. Getting Close p and Personal

7. Guardian Angel !

Hope you enjoyed them :).
I found a good free history video documentary web site and thought I'd share:
  1. Move the mouse to the left or the right of the timeline to select a time period.
  2. Click on one of the events.
  3. Watch the first part of the video play. When each video finishes, click on the next part.
  4. When done watching the video for that event, follow the links below the video to see related events in history.
  5. While Timelines is primarily British, you can select "All Timelines" at the top to see a timeline for the American West.

Etsy Steam Team Membership
Theriaca Fina

Steam Team Flyer

Etsy Steam Team membership window is now OPEN! Cheers!

Book Review - The Victorian Hospital – Lavinia Mitton

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The Victorian Hospital – Lavinia Mitton

“Overcrowding in the wards, surgery without anesthesia, and the danger of catching a deadly infection…it is difficult to imagine how the patient must have felt as they lay on the wooden operating table…”

From the beginning of the Victorian era until its end in 1900 British, indeed most first-world, hospitals underwent a profound change from places where working class people went to die to places of hope for the seriously ill of all classes.

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A fun book for any adventurer who wants to go in style (shame about the cover, though).   
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  Airships – Patrick Abbott


“The first projected lighter-than-air flying machine of all time was the strange vessel planned by an Italian…in 1670, which was to have been propelled by sails and kept aloft by four hollow copper globes, from which the air had been exhausted to produce a vacuum.”



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Chrononaut Mercantile
Chrononaut Mercantile founders Heather Kahn and Jeff Witkavitch combine years of experience working with beads, fabric, leather and reclaimed materials to translate a world of the imagination into reality. Their creations include jewelry, handbags, luggage, cloaks and capes, jackets, belts and accessories to outfit a variety of looks – from Victorian gentleman to gentleman pirate. Their Age of Steam line is marked by the liberal use of leather, brass findings, brocade and the intricate detailing of the Victorian age.

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Victorian Photo Collage

Sixty years ahead of the avant-garde, aristocratic Victorian women were already experimenting with photocollage. The compositions they made with photographs and watercolors are whimsical and fantastical, combining human heads and animal bodies, placing people into imaginary landscapes, and morphing faces into common household objects. With sharp wit and dramatic shifts of scale akin to those Alice experienced in Wonderland, these images stand the rather serious conventions of photography in the 1860s and 1870s on their heads. Such images, often made for albums, reveal the educated minds as well as accomplished hands of their makers, as they take on new theories of evolution, the changing role of photography, and the strict conventions of aristocratic society.
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